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Premium die making machines

LP Systems Ltd in Nuneaton provide premium Die Making machines across the UK and Europe to businesses looking for automated solutions. From fast and accurate laser cutting to automated bending, these time-saving machines will produce quality results and save you money.

Experienced engineering team

Our experienced engineering team have been working with our machine suppliers for over 20 years which puts us in a position to look after machines dating back to the Early 90s. Never think your machine is too old, if it’s a Cutlite Penta Laser or a SDS Easybender rule processor our engineers are here to help.


This puts us in the position where we can help customers get the best productivity out of current machines as well as helping them invest in the most up-to-date machines on the market.


Cutlite Penta

SDS Korea

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Cutlite Penta

Die Making: About
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LTF 1713 b.jpg

Laser machine LTF

The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite Penta production range for die making, since it represents the right solution for diemakers and in-house die shops. The cutting area available are mostly two, 1750x1350mm and 2200x1550mm, two sizes suitable for every kind of folding carton die.

The system motion is given by a movable bridge, on which the laser source is installed, which runs along the X-axis, and a cutting head running along the Y-axis. The LTF system can be equipped with El.En. manufactured radiofrequency sources, with powers ranging from 750W to 850W besides the cutting head of the LTF system, it is possible to install a marking head that allows marking codes and/or logos on the die-board. Thanks to its combination of cutting head and marking head, the LTF system can guarantee short times to carry out finished die boards.

Die board cutting with LTF


  • Small and compact: Its footprint is slightly larger than its working area

  • Full of technology: Digital CNC, drivers

  • All in one: electrical unit, laser source, integrated control panel

  • Easy and fast installation: in one day the machine is ready to start production

  • Software: in-house designed and integrated on-board

Technical features

Laser power (Watt): (RF777) 750 – (RF888) 850

Working area: 1713  (1750 x 1250 mm)  2015 (2200 x 1550 mm)

Z axes: 80 mm

Speed: 40 m/min

Acceleration: 6000 mm/sec2

SDS Korea

Die Making: About
Die Making: Products
EasyBender S1 America.png

EasyBender S1

EasyBender S1 is the newest model of the machine that revolutionised diemaking, the machine that changed the way the world makes dies. Incorporating the same reliable design that has become the industry standard, EasyBender S1 features the latest version of our software and an elegant new cabinet design. Waiting for the right time to buy? This is our most affordable fully automated steel rule bender yet.

Fast, accurate, and reliable, the new fully automated SDS EasyBender S1 precisely cuts (straight and mitre with bevel support), bends, and notches 2 and 3 point rule up to 1.25” high. Its patented bending mechanism and single linear process produce one or one hundred pieces of rule that fit the die the first time, every time!

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Get in touch with LP Systems Ltd for quality die making machines in the UK today.

Die Making: About
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