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State-of-the-art sign making automation

LP Systems Ltd in Nuneaton provide state-of-the-art sign making machines across the UK allowing you to automate your sign making operation saving you time and money. From fast bending to hole punching, our precision machines are designed to produce quality results every time.

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ChannelBender SXP

The state-of-art channel letter system for traditional and advanced channel letter forming.

✔ ChannelBender SXP, our top of the line model, is fully equipped with all the features for making high quality channel letters.

✔ Users and make various channel letters such as traditional face-lit, halo-lit, edge-lit, and even hybrid channel letters of nearly any height and anywhere from 25.4mm to 203.2mm deep.

✔ LetterForm® & LiquiForm®, our proprietary Trimless® return material eliminates the need for conventional plastic trim cap, enabling sign makers to produce Trimless channel letters with unique and elegant appearance.​

✔ Process specialty materials like our Trimless LetterForm, LiquiForm, polished stainless, polished brass and even mild steel.​

✔ Digitally controlled broaching unit results in crisp, sharp, precise bends and allows for the forming of intricate shapes, like 6.35mm serifs, which were previously impossible to automate.

✔ ChannelBender SXP is capable of forming letters as small as 76.2mm tall and serifs as small as 4.76mm.​

✔ Electrically height-adjustable hydraulic hole punching unit eliminates manual drilling of 6.35mm drain holes and 3.175mm pilot holes for rivets or screws.

✔ Our proprietary software, Bender CAD, is compatible with all of the industry standard CAD and illustrator files. Also, Bender CAD provides users with various functions based on intuitive GUI such as automatic creation of rivet hole by recognizing hole positions in the file and overlap for perfect finishing.​

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Sign Making: Services
variety of materials

Variety of materials

As a frequently-requested service, this has become one of our favorite projects. We use only the top materials and techniques to ensure a quality job well done. We’ve managed to get this service time down to one hour - just enough time for a quick lunch before we send you on your way.



Maximum angle: 120° - Coil

Smallest radius that can be bent a full 180°: 5mm - Coil

Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend: 40mm

Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend: 6mm


Maximum thickness: 1.6mm

Depth: 6.35mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm

Flange notching (Hydraulic)

Angle: 30°, 60°, 100°, 130°


Angle: 100°

Cut-off tool


Hole punching (Hydraulic)

Screw/rivet holes: 3.175mm

Weep holes: 6.35mm



Materials - Coil

Outside diameter: 660mm

Thickness: 0.813mm - 1.600mm

Height: 25.4mm - 203.2mm

Materials - LetterForm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Height: 37mm, 60mm, 100mm

Length: 30m

Materials - LiquiForm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Height: 37mm, 65mm

Length: 30m


System: 220VAC, Max.15A, 50/60Hz, 1P

Oil pump: 220VAC, 6.4/3.7A (max/typ)

Dimension (W/D/H)

System: 2,370mm x 1,110mm x 1,500mm

Coil cassette: 760mm x 760mm x 1,450mm

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Contact our team

Wherever you are in the UK, get in touch with our team in Nuneaton today to discuss your sign making automation requirements and request a quote.

Sign Making: About
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